Apple Doesn’t Fart – Rejects Groundbreaking App


Tech giant Apple recently shut down hopes for the trailblazing app developer,  Fart Watch, by refusing to permit access to the Apple marketplace.  Fart Watch does not make your flatulence turn color so you can watch it infiltrate your friend’s nostrils, as the name may have you believe.  Rather, it is digital application designed to turn the new Apple watch into a hi-tech whoopie cushion for the future.

Apparently the app market is so crowded with farts that Apple simply must contain an explosion of farts in the new market for watch apps.  When asked whether he would purchase an Apple watch, Fart By Mail Stinkologist, Dr. Stink, replied “Well, if it doesn’t fart, what use do I have for it?”  Dr. Stink continued, “although I like my Iphone fart apps, I may have to turn it in for a Google device…that is if they permit Fart Watch in their new smart watches.”

Farts remain very popular, so it will be interesting to see how Apple’s refusal to budge  affects its bottom line.   We suspect it will literally cost Apple dollars.

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