Are You Using Emojis Correctly? Read This Guide to Find Out

Fart By Mail’s guide to the most misused emojis

What is an emoji? It is an adorable graphic emoticon from Japan.

Fart By Mail Emoji Smile

Emojis are great because they save you countless seconds by replacing whole words with superior graphic expressions. Fortunately for you, emojis are widely available for use on your mobile phone and other digital devices. However, each emoji has a very specific meaning, so an improper use can lead to miscommunications with potentially disastrous results! You may have playful intentions, but the wrong emoji combination can land you out of a relationship, friendship, or even a job. Fart By Mail created this brief instructional guide to make sure you know how to use Fart emojis correctly in every situation, every time.

Uncool Smoker:

You are hip, cool, and fun. On the weekends and maybe every morning, you loosen up with a smoke. Sometimes you ask your friends to join you. If you are new to emojis, you may say this:

Hey bro, want to Fart By Mail Emoji blow kiss smoke

Perfect, you just asked you’re friend to blow a fart out their mouth. We don’t even want to imagine how the fart gets in their mouth, or whose fart is in there. We just know that you may never hear from your “bro” again.

This could have gone much worse with some other combinations.

Hey bro, want to Fart by Mail emoji smoke blow kiss

Now your friend has three farts blasting out of their mouth! fart by mail emoji girl smokeSTOP.

The Hopeless Romantic:

Absence makes that heart grow fonder and a well timed emoji laden text message can provide a touching reminder when lovers are apart. So you carelessly type this:

Fart By Mail emoji kiss

Wonderful, you blew a fart out of your mouth onto your lover’s slightly open mouth. You return home to an empty house…good job.

How’s the Weather?

Answering a question with some emojis can be cute. However, that only works when they are used appropriately. Let’s say your boss is about to fly in from out of town to meet you for a big career advancement meeting. He casually asks “How is the weather there?” and since it is raining and incredibly windy you respond:

fart by mail rain emoji

Your boss appreciates the notice of about the inclement weather, but wonders why you liken it to farts. He determines you have totally lost your mind, cancels the meeting, and you’re soon looking for a new job. If only you knew that was a fart emoji and not the wind.

Fart Proud

Here are several examples of how to correctly use the fart emojis.

I farted (female)
fart by mail dance emoji

I farted (male).
fart by mail walking emoji

I farted and am ashamed (male/female)


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