Want to Fart on a Politician?


Fart By Mail often receives inquiries regarding the legality of sending our cards to government officials. The most recent inquiry from a fantastic customer asked “Is it legal to send [a Fart By Mail] to various state or federal legislators who are doing a stinky job??” Because this question pops up so frequently, we decided to make a post in response.

Fart By Mail is the product of the American Dream. Anyone can take an idea no matter how whacky and turn it into a business. The sky is the limit. You are only limited by how much time and creativity you are willing to pour into your enterprise. Lots of fantastic government resources exist to guide entrepreneurs on their small business pursuits. Before Fart By Mail was formed, it spoke with many government agencies ranging from local County Recorder offices to the California State Board of Equalization on items ranging from business licenses to sales tax. These agencies cost money to run and exist to serve us.

If you are satisfied with your local and national legislators, then let them know they are doing a good job. If however, you are not satisfied with politicians and agency representatives, then it is your civic duty (he he) to let them know that you are not happy. Change can only come about if individuals take action and make their voices heard.

Fart By Mail is a greeting card that is 100% legal to send through the U.S. Postal system. We are happy to assist you with messages of encouragement or dissatisfaction. Each government agency has their own rules and procedures for receiving mail, however it is very easy to navigate. You can visit www.USA.gov to find any government agency and their contact information. Go search the site today and start getting involved in politics to make the US the best country it can be.